Ferenc Snetberger - A Portrait
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In the first episode of Mundi Romani’s special editions on world famous Romani artists, meet one of the most talented contemporary jazz masters, Ferenc Snétberger. What does it mean for him to be a Roma? How does he respond to racist reactions to his ethnicity? What does he wish to pass on to future generations? A tough and colorful journey led him from a poor, industrial Hungarian town to Berlin, where he lives today, and to world fame for his breath-taking improvisations and the fusion of such genres as Roma, Sinti or Hungarian traditional tunes, Brazilian music and flamenco, classical music and jazz. An extract from this Mundi Romani episode became hugely popular and is a testimony to the power of multiculturalism as Romani musician Ferenc Snétberger and African musician Richard Bona play traditional Hungarian folk song “Kiskece lányom” together in a rehearsal of their concert in the Palace of Arts in Budapest.


director: Kata Barsony
producer: Marion Kurucz
editor: Peter Kohut, Sandor Bagdi
DoP: Csaba Farkas
second camera: Szilard Tiszttarto