Romani Waltzer – The Untold Story of Roma in Austria
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In February of 1995 one of Europe’s most underreported terrorist attacks took place in the small town of Oberwart in Austria. A bomb inside a structure with the words “Gypsies go the hell back to India” written across it, detonated killing the four men who were attempting to remove the device. The 1995 bombing sets the backdrop for the recent increase in racially motivated attacks throughout Europe. In contemporary Austria, Mundi Romani finds colorful and amazingly varied Roma communities. During the 1990s social transitions led to crisis and a rise in xenophobic speech and policies. In the midst of this turmoil, Austria’s Roma communities gained more self awareness and strengthened Roma political and educational institutions. They struggled to solidify communities and work towards relearning and strengthening Romanes. “Te del O del!” or “God willing,| says Romanes-speaking professor Mozes, “we will learn how to enrich the modern world with this amazing culture.”