Roma in Turkey – the Untold Struggle
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The Untold Struggle was shot in Edirne and Izmir in November 2008 and focuses on the struggle of the Roma in Turkey to save their Roma identity. In Turkey’s large and multiethnic democracy, minority-oriented civil initiatives are developing under constant state control. Though they successfully built the modern Turkish republic, Ataturk’s nation building policies established the secular Sunni Turk as the prototype of modern Turkish citizen hood, removing all other identities from the accepted public realm. In contemporary Turkey, this rigidly defined identity has not been deconstructed. As a result, those who cannot represent this identity are neglected or even not allowed to exist. National minority rights, language programs and anti-discrimination policies are nonexistent in Turkey. As the Roma community is forced to conform to this norm, Romanes is disappearing and cultural self awareness is under threat. In the 21st century, the Roma are still slaves to Turkey’s 20th century identity formation.