Faces of Change
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Based on collected interviews taken from Mundi Romani films shot across Europe and a series of interviews made at the Council of Europe’s I’m a European Roma Woman conference in 2010. Faces of Change is a truly inspiring testimony to the strength and vision of Roma women. During the 20th century, women’s struggle for gender equality has proven itself to be the best investment our societies could make toward world economic and social development. 90 years ago, could Europe have imagined that women would one day flood the workforce, gain the right to vote and even lead nations and prominent multinational companies? How do you see a Roma woman today? How do the women of Europe’s largest minority see themselves? In this episode we explore the stories of 10 exceptional Roma women from all over Europe. Faces of Change works to break the trend of presenting Roma women as “victimized victims’” by presenting Roma women as responsible and active stakeholders who readily provide their own answers to the questions raised by the situation of Roma today. The documentary challenges the way Roma women are viewed, by playing with the question of social identity and forcing the audience to question the artificial divisions our social perceptions are founded on.


director: Katalin Bársony