I’m a Roma Woman – I’m a European Woman – I’m a Woman Campaign
 In the past two years, Eastern Europe has seen the spread of extremist paramilitary groups marching through towns and deadly attacks against Roma, including children, by terrorist groups. In Western Europe, crisis after crisis show that social cohesion is crumbling under the weight of the economic and social crisis, which hits minorities hardest. In July 2010, a Roma youth was shot dead by police in France, leading to riots and mass expulsions.
It is for us Roma to speak out and get the message through that „the Roma love their children too”. Who can get this message across better than Roma women?
The I’m a Roma Woman – I’m a European Woman – I’m a Woman campaign started in 2009 with the release of the first I’m a Roma Woman video, which led to a second one in 2010 and to the development of the imaromawoman.com interactive website, under construction. It is based on the proposition that transformative films and videos do not simply illuminate peoples’ plights and struggles but they are tales of oppression and liberation that speak to every minority that feels belittled, denigrated and denied.
We are looking for sponsors and new partnerships for the campaign’s next stage, which aims to make full use of the digital technologies that allow instant audiovisual, “Skype-style” cross-border communication to become a mass, public experience leading to social change.
For more information about the project’s next stage, please contact katalin.barsony@mundiromani.com or marion.kurucz@mundiromani.com.