Views from the Ground – The European Union and Roma in the Western Balkans
 In March 2010, the Romedia Foundation produced a 15 minutes long film to accompany the Open Society Institute’s Pathways to Progress? The European Union and Roma Inclusion in the Western Balkans. The report, to which the video is attached, was released at the II. European Roma Summit organized by the European Commission in Cordoba, on 8 April 2010.
The video is made up of footage taken from the Mundi Romani episodes the Romedia Foundation has shot in the Western Balkans during the past three years. It covers issues such as the situation of Roma in Yugoslavia during the Tito years, the Balkan wars and their consequences for Roma in the region, the refugee crisis and issues such as education or trafficking in human beings and provides a unique overlook of the situation on the ground through the eyes of the region’s Roma.
While Pathways to Progress? takes a critical look at Roma inclusion policies, this film aims to reveal “the reality behind the paperwork.”