I’m a Roma Woman – I’m a European Woman – I’m a Woman Campaign
Common Action to Build Hope - Against Hate Crimes
In the past two years, Eastern Europe has seen the spread of extremist paramilitary groups marching through towns and deadly attacks against Roma, including children, by terrorist groups. In Western Europe, crisis after crisis show that social cohesion is crumbling under the weight of the economic and social crisis, which hits minorities hardest. In July 2010, a Roma youth was shot dead by police in France, leading to riots and mass expulsions. .
There were more than 60 hate crimes in Hungary against Roma in Hungary between 2008 and 2009, six of them fatal.
The Zentralrat Deutscher Sinti und Roma, the Internationaler Bauorden- and the Phralipe Independent Roma Association initiated a solidarity action to rebuild the homes of the families of the murdered. 
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Roma Holocaust Memorial Day 2010 - Budapest
Views from the Ground – The European Union and Roma in the Western Balkans
 A Memorial Day for the victims of the Roma Holocaust was held on August 2nd, 2010, at the Roma Holocaust Memorial Monument in Nehru Park, Budapest.
Agnes Daroczi, founder of the Romedia Foundation and vice-president of the Phralipe Independent Roma Association, gave a speech about our personal responsibility towards ourselves, our children, our society and our country.
 In March 2010, the Romedia Foundation produced a 15 minutes long film to accompany the Open Society Institute’s Pathways to Progress? The European Union and Roma Inclusion in the Western Balkans. The report, to which the video is attached, was released at the II. European Roma Summit organized by the European Commission in Cordoba, on 8 April 2010.
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